KBevPhoto Pembroke-28Dr. J. D. Pembroke is a practicing surgeon, anatomist, and alienist who works out of his clinic in Chicago (a quick move from London was necessitated after a regrettable misunderstanding with Scotland Yard involving a corpse, a bellows, and a live cobra). Perpetually broke, his suspiciously opulent lifestyle is sustained by a number of wealthy yet absentee patrons.

KBevPhoto Pembroke-34He is often accompanied by his impassive surgical assistant, drinking buddy, and bodyguard – Kolzac. Age: unknown. Gender: irrelevant. Intentions: suspect.  What is known about them? They like black tea, know a little more about the occult than Pembroke is comfortable with, and move like liquid. And they keep switching heads.

Between treating patients and running mysterious nocturnal errands, Pembroke and Kolzac enthrall and educate the public with procedurally-accurate surgical demonstrations and lectures. They have performed at some of Chicago’s most prestigious museums and most scandalous cabarets.

This website also comprises Pembroke and Kolzac’s journal of medical history – a collection of essays on the many and varied ways mankind has sought to understand its own structure and heal the various ailments inflicted upon it. They hope you enjoy this exploration of the macabre and morbid, the peculiar personalities that drove our discoveries, and the triumphs and failures that characterizes the most crucial yet controversial branches of scientific research.

They also hope you have a strong stomach.

(photo credit to KBEV photo. Check out his Instagram here)